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We are often asked to share our expertise, with groups within the industries with whom we work and serve, through writing and speaking. Because we are friendly and engaging, we often speak at functions, conferences, and events for such groups as the Escrow Institute of California, the California Escrow Association, The Escrow Associates of the San Gabriel Valley, The Los Angeles Escrow Association, The Title Insurance Subsection of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, The Long Beach Escrow Association, The Desert Escrow Association, the San Diego County Escrow Association, The North San Diego County Escrow Association, The Ventura County Escrow Association, The Antelope Valley Escrow Association, various real estate brokerage franchisees, and others. A few of the topics upon which we have presented include:

  • Rock, Paper, Tablet: Handling Real Escrow Problems in a Virtual Business World
  • Facebook, Twitter, etc.: What Will My Lawyer Say?
  • Forgeries, Faxes, & Felt Tips: Some Reasons Notaries (and Their Bosses) Get Sued
  • Close to the Vesting: A Look at Old and New Forms of Vesting
  • Alphabet Soup Meets Escrow Law: Understanding DBAs, LLC’s, L.P.’s, LLP’s, and Cos.
  • Taking the Information Superhighway to the Paperless Transaction: Are We There Yet?
  • We have also written articles on a variety of topics, including:

  • “Community Property with the Right of Survivorship: Only Your Heir Addresser Knows for Sure” (Published in the California Escrow Association Newsletter)
  • “Reflections on Droeger and the (un)Family Code” (Published in the Los Angeles County Bar Journal)
  • “Check Mate: A Review of the Law of Checks, Bills, and Notes” (Published in the California Escrow Association Newsletter)
  • “New Talk About An Old Subject: Listings” (Published in California Real Estate Magazine)