Mediation is one of the biggest mysteries in the dispute resolution process for clients in today’s world, yet it often proves one of the most effective ways of resolving disputes. At GARCIA LEGAL, we have not only had intensive training in mediation at the world-leading Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University School of Law, but we have acted as the mediation neutral in dozens of cases covering a variety of issues. We continue to offer these services to parties today for reasonable fees. Contact us for further information.

In those cases where we are called upon to represent a party at a mediation, our training and experience demystifies the process for our clients to help them prepare adequately for mediation, evaluate the case and their position in it, establish realistic objectives, and achieve those objectives. These are all critical steps in the mediation process, and without understanding those steps, clients often feel unduly pressured during mediation, which leads to poor decision-making and unsatisfactory results. Unlike other lawyers, we work hard before the mediation process by walking our clients through these steps so that they feel comfortable during the process and are able to make sound decisions to reach their mediation objectives.