This Open House Was A Little Too Open


In an age where we focus on cyber-security, it pays to remember that old fashioned crime is alive and well. A case in point arose from an August 2016 open house held in Sherman Oaks, California, by a prominent real estate brokerage firm. A young couple came into the house, which was on the market for $1.6 Million. They split up with the man looking around downstairs while the woman went upstairs and checked out the bedrooms. Prior to the woman descending the stairs, she made a phone call. Next, she went into the kitchen, where she was joined by her male companion and followed by the agent holding the open house. Then, the unfortunate happened.

While the couple engaged the real estate agent in the kitchen, two thieves entered the house through the open front door. One walked into the office downstairs, taking an iPad and a 35mm DSLR camera. Meanwhile, upstairs in the master bedroom, the other thief found the owner’s collection of expensive watches in a closet and helped himself. The pair walked out with a total of $150,000 in watches, jewelry, and electronics, according to a report on KABC news in Los Angeles.

The only upside for the homeowner was that he had surveillance cameras throughout the house, so the police have video of the theft and of the suspects, who remain at large at this writing. The homeowner said that in the future, he will allow showings by appointment only.